Wednesday, July 11, 2012


I'm a graphic designer, so prior to having DD I was on my computer ALL THE TIME. Since having her though, I haven't had much opportunity to get to my stationary computer, and I miss blogging and just generally being able to type, since doing so on my iPhone is just a pain!

Sooo... DH and I decided to sell my iMac and get me a laptop! It came yesterday, and it's all kinds of awesome! I feel like I have some freedom! I'm typing in a Cafe right now while DD sleeps! 

I don't know if every city has one of these cafes, but it is called the Sippy Cup Cafe, and it's a regular cafe at the front, and in the back there is room for kiddies to play. It's the one cafe where it's okay if DD starts screaming her face off, and they have really awesome drinks and paninis. Heaven for a mom on mat leave with nothing else to do... Although I say that loosely, I'm sure there is tons of stuff I could be doing while she sleeps... Like packing... we're moving in 10 days... LOL

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