Monday, January 24, 2011

Things could be better.

After fighting a virus all last week, only to succumb to it fully over the weekend, I can honestly say that January 2011 has not started out so well.

The week before last, my boss tells me that my job term is not looking good for renewal. I've got about 2 months before my term ends in which to find a job.

I emailed my old job that I left for the one I have now to ask them if they were still looking for anyone, and if they were, then I would be more than happy to return to them. I actually liked my old job, but left because at the time, we needed more money. Now that DH is making a good amount, we can afford for me to go back to it.

My old boss seemed to like the idea of my return, and said he was eager to talk about it, but now I haven't heard from him again in 4 days.

I also am in touch with a staffing agency that said they had a job for me. The job was too far to drive to and from every day, especially by bus, and we only have one car that we share... I was supposed to email her my updated resume and portfolio site for this morning, but instead I emailed her telling her why the job wouldn't work, and now I haven't heard from her either.

This just all around sucks.

I'm scared that I won't find a good job, that I'll never be able to have a baby...

I just want some things to go my way.


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Well, there is good news

I went through our budget yesterday to see how DH and I would fare without my income if we end up going down that road until I can find something else.

Since DH got his new job, we can actually afford to live off of just his income in the event that I can't find a new job before April, and I couldn't be more relieved.

I was afraid that I was just going to have to pick up some remedial job until I could find something in my field, and DH and I both agree that we can afford for me to take the time to look for something that I really want to do.

And... the best part. We won't have to stop TTC. :)

Monday, January 17, 2011

Sometimes life just sucks.

And I hate that saying: "When life gives you lemons.. make lemonade."

I was told today that my position here at work is likely not going to be renewed. It's great that I have 2 1/2 months to figure out what I'm going to do, but I'm scared and disappointed.

I work hard. I really do. I deserve a good job and I really hope I can find one.

I'm so sad to leave the job I have now since I like it so much.

This just sucks. Sometimes life is just juiceless lemons.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

April 2011

I just finished making our personal finance budget for the year. With my husband's new position at work, we are sitting much stronger financially than before, which is great, but I'm still a little worried about April.

April 2nd is when my term is due for renewal.. and of course there is never a guarantee that they will renew, especially with the way that things have been going here. It's going to be a long wait before they make my position permanent, if they ever do.

I'm scared that they may not renew, and that I'll be left looking for a job. I know that with my husband's new payscale, we'd be fine, since I would qualify for employment insurance if I can't find a new job right away to assure that we can pay our bills. But I've never been jobless, and it's a terrifying feeling for me. I'm already looking for a job just in case, and it's making me even more nervous that I haven't been able to find anything viable in my field.

It's hard to be TTC sometimes, when all I can do is worry about getting pregnant at an inopportune time financially. If I wasn't dealing with IF, I would probably be more inclined to wait to try and get pregnant, at least until April when I will know what my job situation will be... But I've spent the last 2+ years worrying about this, and as much as I hate to say that we're just flying by the seat of our pants.. I really don't want to wait since it has already taken us this long.

I know that we will be fine with whatever happens, but I still worry.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Baby leggings!!!

I love these when I see them on all those cute cloth diapered babies, so I decided to knit some up myself. They knit up quick, and give me an opportunity to be able to start making up my own designs. :)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Hat I just finished

Well, though I love the pattern of the hat I just made (from a book), it turned out way too small, even using what they suggested for yarn. It will likely fit a child, even though it's supposed to be an adult hat.. Oh well....

This is the first time that I've ever tried a pattern like this, or knit with five colours in this way... so despite the size, I think it looks pretty good.

Sorry about the pic, my camera isn't anywhere near me. :)


So here we are.. the big 2011. I haven't blogged in a bit.. bad me.

I also didn't take pictures of the multitude of things that I knitted for Christmas gifts, so I have nothing to show!

The plan for 2011 though is to knit, knit, and knit... and possibly get pregnant. haha

My mother, a few friends and I, are planning to make our own knitting designs this year and attempt to make enough projects that we can get a table at a craft sale next holiday season and try to see what we can sell. :) It's not really about the money, more about just doing something fun together, but hey... if we end up making anything, then that would definitely help with our yarn-purchasing obsessions!

I don't really have any updates as of late. My husband and are aren't really doing any of the more proactive things with trying to conceive. We've backed off seeing the doctor and doing any meds for a while because we were getting too stressed about it. We still have plenty of time to have kids, so we've decided not to rush things along, but go with the "nature's way" approach, and we're still feeling pretty good about that. :)

Other than that, there's not a whole lot going on. For 2011 though, I must remember to TAKE PICTURES OF WHAT I MAKE, and post them here to share with all of you! I do intend to take on trying to knit some baby stuff, so that should be a little more fun than just gloves and hats.

Happy New Year!!!