Wednesday, December 7, 2011

28 weeks and a day

Yesterday, I was at 28 weeks and a day. :)

On Monday, I had an ultrasound to check on this low-lying placenta thing, and am happy to say that it has moved up! My doctor should be able to confirm that at my appointment on the 20th, which is a relief because it means I won't need a c-section. Woohoo!

I had a great appointment. It was awesome to see baby look so much like a little person since she's so much bigger now and has some weight on her. She had her eyes open too! (Which was actually kind of scary looking on an ultrasound, lol) I did get the ultrasound tech to confirm once more that she is in fact a girl... and she still is! I'm getting more and more excited and anxious every day to meet her.

Yesterday, she must have been making up for the quiet day she had the day before. I know that she's head down, and so I feel where her hands are moving, and where her knees and feet end up hitting. She was up for most of the night last night trying to drive me bananas since sleep is already hard enough these days with the constant bone throbbing pains in my legs... but even though it's hard to sleep with all her movement, you can't help but smile at how funny it all is.

Hard to believe I'm in the home stretch! I find myself starting to get pangs of anxiety over thinking about what labour is going to be like. I'd managed to completely tuck that part of pregnancy somewhere wayyyyy in the back of my mind this entire pregnancy, but it becomes hard to ignore when you start to get close to "the day". I can only hope that I'll be one of those lucky ladies that just has a kid that falls right out.... wishful thinking, huh? hahaha Hey.. it happened to my sister in law, her girl was born in 20 minutes... so it happens. Ah, delusions...

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