Monday, December 19, 2011

10 more weeks!

I looked at my bump ticker this morning, and realized that I'm 30 weeks pregnant! 10 weeks left until this baby gets here. :) Every day this little meatloaf is bouncing around in there, and the kicks and jabs are becoming more defined. I love watching my belly move around, I could sit here and watch it all day long... of course.. I'd never get anything done that way, and there is LOTS left to do!

DH spent some time this weekend touching up the paint in the nursery. We just need to put some shelves in the closet, and slap the baseboards on, then we can finally put the crib together, and put some of the clothing away too (after I wash it all of course). He put the glider together last weekend. I think it's funny that I'm the one who is pregnant, but it seems like DH is the one that is going through the "nesting" phase. :) Granted, I have these major moments of needing to clean and organize, so I guess we're going through it together.

I'm getting more and more excited and nervous about what's to come as the weeks start to zip by. Excited of course to meet the little one, and terrified about what labour will be like. :)

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  1. Only 10 weeks left, how exciting!!! I can't wait to see the nursery :)