Saturday, September 29, 2012

Oh how time flies

At about 6 1/2 months, Ashley got the hang of crawling and since then I've been chasing her all over the place! She's such a busy girl. Now she's starting to pull up on stuff, which is great but also results in a lot of her also falling off of stuff and getting really mad about it.

So much has happened in one month. She went from being just a roller to this crawling, climbing, babbling machine! And the other day I attempt to take a gander in to her mouth to see 3 TEETH cutting through. She's growing and changing so fast!

Here's a few 6 month pics of my awesome little girl.

I don't bother much with socks anymore because she just takes them off and eats them. Yum!

Oh the faces she makes....

Testing out her new dining chair.

Big teething cheeks!

Testing out the new area rug. I believe it is Ashley approved.

She loves her jumperoo so much that she often jumps herself to sleep.

She loves to follow the dog around. They are both so curious about each other.

Being a little devious, getting in to the dog bed after mommy said no. :)


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