Sunday, May 5, 2013

I'm a lucky duck!

So after my last post about my job, or lack thereof, I have some much brighter news. I am starting a new job tomorrow. It has two really great things going for it! One, is that it is a job in e-learning, which I've been doing for a while and love! And two, and the best part of it by far is that it is WORK FROM HOME! :) The company has 18 employees, all of which work at home. They don't have an office, their headquarters is the CEO's house, and that's just how they roll.

I really hope this works out, because how perfect would this job be? No commute, I can walk Ashley to daycare ACROSS THE STREET! I'm in heaven just thinking about how much easier this will be than when I was working downtown, and Ash's daycare was halfway across the city.

Tomorrow is a big day. New job, new daycare, newish career direction.

I'm pretty happy right about now.

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