Friday, May 10, 2013

Working from home is weird

I started my new job on Monday. Got my home office all set up, new desk, new chair. I went to my work's 'headquarters' (which is the CEO's house), did a couple hours of training, then I went home. I've been home since, and today is the first day I've heard any word from them. They sent me home Monday and just told me to poke around in their files for a bit and familiarize myself... So I've been doing that all week thinking.... Is this a real job? Is anyone going to email me and give me something else to do? haha

This is definitely an adjustment. It's a positive one, but I'm just used to the boss-breathing-down-your-neck approach... so not having that is just a very weird feeling.

I don't really know what my job is exactly. I was hired to work in rapid development, but they decided not to pursue the client they were going after, so now I won't be doing that — at least not right away.

Oh well, I really can't complain. It's weird, but it's also awesome. DD's daycare is across the street! I'm in heaven.

Except of course when I leave her in the morning and she has a full on "mommy don't leave me" fit... But by the end of the day she forgets all about it.

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