Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Rough couple of weeks

We're waiting to hear on whether or not my husband will keep his job. I won't go in to the details of why his job is in question, but suffice it to say that the last week and a bit has been super stressful, and waiting to find out what happens is really hard. We should hopefully hear by the end of this week, as it stands DH is at home, fortunately with pay. This could go either way. I'm praying he gets to keep his job so that we don't have to move, because without his income, there is no way we can stay here. I am getting ahead of myself though.

I'm home from work today, as DD woke up with a fever, and I stayed home with her even though DH is home because a) I'm super stressed, and b) nothing was going on at work anyway, which also stresses me out. Oh, and my kid being sick, that stresses me out too.

I'm really terrible at waiting for outcomes, I wish this would just happen faster so we can move on and figure out what's next.

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