Wednesday, March 5, 2014

My daughter is 2!

I haven't posted on this blog in a really long time. Probably in just about a year. So many great things have happened in my life since then, and it feels good to be able to write that.

When I finished my maternity leave, I had no job to go back to. It left me feeling pretty scared and depressed. In a few other posts on this blog I went through how I got to the current job I'm in, so I won't repeat it all, I'll just say that I'm still in the last job I ended up with, and I'm loving it.

I worked from home contracting to this employer for about 6 months, at which time the company was growing, so much so that they bought an office and have moved some of the staff into it. I was one of them. The new office is only 3.5 kilometers from my house, and I'm happy to be back working in an office. Also, I'm no longer a contractor, I was hired on as a FULL TIME EMPLOYEE in January. This was such amazing news for us, as I really prefer full time work to contract, and I've always wanted to be able to walk or bike to work in the warmer months and now I can! I started biking/running/walking in the fall and it was amazing, I just need this horrible winter to leave so I can do it again. The new location is also great, because my running buddy works two doors down from me, and we have a nature trail that starts right beside the buildings that we run in at lunch in the summer.

Enough about that, now for the really really good stuff! My daughter just turned 2!! We joke around that technically she isn't even 1 yet because she's a leap day baby... and oh only if I could turn back time some days, she's growing so fast, but nope.... SHE'S 2!

We had a party for her on Saturday, and she knew it was her day. My parents got her an outfit with a Tutu skirt and she was so proud to wear it. Whenever someone came in the door, she'd put her little belly out and point at herself saying "me". haha She was so excited and in such a great mood all weekend. She received many great gifts from family and friends, and T and I got her a plasma car. I can't wait for winter to end so that we can get outside with her again. I miss the park, the sun, the splash pad... and I know all of that is going to be even more fun this year since she's actually old enough to do more outdoors.

I just love my baby girl to pieces, and her turning two definitely invoked some mixed feelings. I'm definitely excited that she's growing, but also a part of me can't help but feel a little sad that she's growing so quickly. But I'm more happy than anything. She's a bubbly girl, she's strong and she's full of life and character. She surprises us every day with new things she's learned, or that epic 2 year old tantrum every now and again. haha She brings joy everywhere she goes. She is just amazing.

Here she is, my smart and beautiful 2 year old!

Also, this is a picture of A's cake. I have to put this in here, because I made it entirely myself. I've never done anything like this before, but saw a tutorial online for making a cake transfer on wax paper with buttercream icing. It worked out amazing! I'm so impressed with myself! haha A absolutely loved her cake (as she is obsessed with Dora). She didn't like the singing, or the candles, or dark though... my bad, we probably shouldn't have turned the lights off, it just scared her, and she's already shy to begin with, so the bunch of people all singing at once in the dark... BUT Dora saved the day. :)

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