Thursday, January 6, 2011


So here we are.. the big 2011. I haven't blogged in a bit.. bad me.

I also didn't take pictures of the multitude of things that I knitted for Christmas gifts, so I have nothing to show!

The plan for 2011 though is to knit, knit, and knit... and possibly get pregnant. haha

My mother, a few friends and I, are planning to make our own knitting designs this year and attempt to make enough projects that we can get a table at a craft sale next holiday season and try to see what we can sell. :) It's not really about the money, more about just doing something fun together, but hey... if we end up making anything, then that would definitely help with our yarn-purchasing obsessions!

I don't really have any updates as of late. My husband and are aren't really doing any of the more proactive things with trying to conceive. We've backed off seeing the doctor and doing any meds for a while because we were getting too stressed about it. We still have plenty of time to have kids, so we've decided not to rush things along, but go with the "nature's way" approach, and we're still feeling pretty good about that. :)

Other than that, there's not a whole lot going on. For 2011 though, I must remember to TAKE PICTURES OF WHAT I MAKE, and post them here to share with all of you! I do intend to take on trying to knit some baby stuff, so that should be a little more fun than just gloves and hats.

Happy New Year!!!

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