Monday, January 24, 2011

Things could be better.

After fighting a virus all last week, only to succumb to it fully over the weekend, I can honestly say that January 2011 has not started out so well.

The week before last, my boss tells me that my job term is not looking good for renewal. I've got about 2 months before my term ends in which to find a job.

I emailed my old job that I left for the one I have now to ask them if they were still looking for anyone, and if they were, then I would be more than happy to return to them. I actually liked my old job, but left because at the time, we needed more money. Now that DH is making a good amount, we can afford for me to go back to it.

My old boss seemed to like the idea of my return, and said he was eager to talk about it, but now I haven't heard from him again in 4 days.

I also am in touch with a staffing agency that said they had a job for me. The job was too far to drive to and from every day, especially by bus, and we only have one car that we share... I was supposed to email her my updated resume and portfolio site for this morning, but instead I emailed her telling her why the job wouldn't work, and now I haven't heard from her either.

This just all around sucks.

I'm scared that I won't find a good job, that I'll never be able to have a baby...

I just want some things to go my way.


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