Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Pregnancy, and the Internet

Every Monday, I start a new week in to this pregnancy. To commemorate that, I do a simple google of the week I'm on (this week, I'm 11 weeks pregnant, or in my 12th week). I'm always surprised at the information that I find, and how incredibly accurate it is to what symptoms I'm experiencing.

Yesterday's google said that what I might be feeling is "a little angry that the tylenol just isn't cutting it", then it went on to talk about the headaches I'd be experiencing this week. Just a couple of days ago, these headaches started!

A couple of week's ago, my google said that what I might be thinking is "I think I want a watermelon... omg, did you say chocolate chip cookie? Omg, I think I want french fries" (or something to that affect)... and it seriously was exactly what I was thinking.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised since countless amounts of women have been pregnant before me, and I'm likely no different than anyone else... but it's just kind of strange how eerily accurate it is. If I look a few weeks ahead on google, it's like I can see the future. :)

I hope I'm textbook when it comes to the end of first trimester, and all my symptoms just disappear and get replaced with kicking. :)

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