Wednesday, October 12, 2011

My 20 week belly!

Just look at this half-baked belly! I realized in taking this picture (at work in the bathroom) that my shirt is a lot shorter than I thought it was when I put it on this morning. I currently don't have any long-sleeved maternity clothes, but it looks like it's about time for me to do some shopping. I'm excited about this bump, it's so big in comparison to two weeks ago! I think I popped (again) somewhere at the end of 19 weeks.

We have 2 upcoming ultrasounds on Friday. I got a call from my doctor's office yesterday, and they need me to go back so they can re-scan baby's spine. They said they only got a limited view of it the first time. I'll admit, it concerns me a little that they want a second scan even if it is for a seemingly valid and benign reason, but I'm trying to ignore my paranoia. 

The second u/s we have on Friday is the re-do of our 3D ultrasound. They couldn't figure out baby's gender because the umbilical cord was in the way, so we get to retry it once more for free. Here's to hoping that everything with baby is great, and that we will finally get to know if this baby is a boy or a girl!

Baby's been kicking up a storm this week. DH felt it for the first time on Friday night. It was only one kick (or possibly head butt), but he felt it, and it was really cool. Since then, I've been seeing baby moving around from the outside. Different parts of my tummy move at different times. It's a strange and wonderful thing to see. :)

Admittedly, I'm also getting a little nervous about things. I can't believe that I'm already halfway through this pregnancy. I've been having dreams or even daydreams about what labour and delivery will be like, and I'd be lying if I said it didn't scare the living daylights out of me. haha

I hope to be able to update this blog with the sex this week, and I still have to scan my 3D pic of baby and put it up here, so I will get busy!!

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