Friday, October 14, 2011

Today will get better.

I have 2 ultrasounds today, and at least one of them should be able to reveal what the sex of this baby is. That will be the good part of today, and if it doesn't work out.. well, at least I still get to see my baby so that should brighten me up.

But I've got to say that this morning has been trying so far.

I woke up early to drive DH to work because I needed the car for the first u/s at 11:20 this morning. As I'm getting ready to leave, DH tells me that the dog has puked downstairs. The dog ate a 5 dollar bill and two balls of yarn apparently, so I'm sure he's fine now that he's got that all out of his system... I finish getting ready, and go downstairs having expected that DH would have cleaned it up.... NOOoo.. Instead he went downstairs and effed around on his computer for a 1/2 hour while I was getting ready and left it all for me to clean up. Gee... thanks dear.

Well, since it took me extra time to clean up the mess while DH sat on his ass.. we couldn't leave on time, so I couldn't drive him in.. and he had to drive me in instead.. which means that he has to come pick me up and drive me to the appointment.

So then, he's all pissy while driving me in because he now has to go out of his way... Like I didn't have to go out of my way to clean up the dog puke you so kindly left for me a-hole???

Anyway, I ignore him, and I start talking to him about the appointment today, and asked if he had any guesses as to whether or not we'll get to see anything today.. just to start conversation. His answer? "I don't care."

Well.. that's nice. Then you know what DH? If you don't care... then I don't care that you have to go out of your way to drive me around! He knew we had to leave and couldn't even be considerate enough to clean up the mess he found this morning.. He does this whenever any animal in our house leaves a mess somewhere... He just takes a look at it, and then ignores that it's there.. and when I find it, he pretends that he didn't see it, then he effs off while i clean it up because it "makes him sick".

Normally, I would just tell him to get off his ass and clean it up, but we didn't have time for his BS this morning.

I could have murdered him for having an attitude with me this morning. Where does he get the right to be grumpy? He's not the one who had to clean it up... and driving me in shouldn't be an inconvenience, especially when it's his fault we had to leave late!!!!

I think this is the first time this whole pregnancy that I want to whisk him off to his parents place just so I can get him out of my hair for the weekend.


Now... that was a long and angry rant.

Things should get better and keep getting better at 9am, starting with a pancake breakfast at work.

I hope this working part of the day just flies by, or I may not make it.

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  1. Sorry you're having such a crappy morning :(

    Hopefully your little baby cooperates and gives you the money shot today to make it better :)

    And if it makes you feel any better, my husband said the same thing (I don't care) when I asked what he wanted. He later clarified that he just wanted a healthy baby and that it didn't matter if it was a boy or a girl.