Monday, September 20, 2010

Knitting for babies = FUN!!

I may not be a mom yet, but through friends, I am immersed in baby culture.

Apparently cloth diapering is all the rage, and new mommies are going gaga over diaper covers, and soakers.

I've wanted to try circular knitting for a while, so I figured making baby longies is perfect. They don't take too long, are relatively easy to knit, and to top it off, I bought a stitch book so that I could try to customize the look of the patterns.

This is the result of them so far, they're coming along pretty well! I used 100% Canadian Wool because apparently wool has great absorbency properties. :)

I customized the bottom of the legs with a checker pattern that you can see here:

After I do a stitch count, I may also do this pattern at the top of the pants, but it will depend if the pattern will work with the amount of stitches I have.

Hopefully if I get better/faster at making these, I can start selling some stuff on Etsy. To get it to this point took me 2 days, but.... I had to start over several times, and I've never used circulars before.... :)

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