Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Little Load Off My Mind

Today, my boss told me that after November 2nd, my contract at work will be extended for 6 months. This is very good news. I had hoped for a longer contract, but I'll take what I can get if it means that I don't have to worry about it for a while, and that my husband and I can continue with trying to get pregnant with just a little less stress on the horizon.

That being said, I'm stressing out something awful right now waiting to hear what will happen at my husband's neurologist appointment. They are/have been testing him to see if he has multiple sclerosis. Last appointment (3 years ago), they said they weren't sure if that's what it was, so we'll have to see with probably more testing. His appointment was at 9 am, and it's 10:48am now, and I'm on edge just waiting for a phone call. I know we won't really get any more definitive news today, but it still makes me nervous.

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