Monday, February 21, 2011

Not So Subtle Changes

Since my last post about seeing the doctor, I have opted to try a low-dose anxiety medication. I did not expect changes to happen right away, but in all honesty, they have. Overall, I've felt a lot less nervous, especially in social situations, and I haven't had a lot of anxiety about my job, despite the fact that it looks like it will be over April 30th.

I've only been taking the medication for about a week, so I'm honestly surprised at how soon I've seen changes happen. The only downsides to the meds so far is that as soon as I started taking them, I got a UTI, and they make me really tired. It will take about a month before they are in full swing, so hopefully those side effects will die off.

I haven't been running this week since I've been a little off kilter, but I intend to pick that back up full force tomorrow, when the weather is a lot warmer. (It's -30 out with the windchill today... brrrr... but supposed to go up to -2 tomorrow.)

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