Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What I've been working on

Some of these projects (okay most of them) are still all in progress, but since I hadn't put any knitting up on this blog lately, I thought I'd put some up!

I'll start with these thrummed mitts. I call them Chocolate Chip Mint mitts for
obvious reasons. :) I really like knitting these and they make for a really warm pair
of mittens because of the way the "thrums" (brown dots/vees) line the inside of the mittens.

This is what the inside of a thrummed mitten looks like. All that is fleece, and it's left
in there to add extra warmth. These mitts are PERFECT for freezing weather.
Hands will not be cold!

And as strange looking as they may appear on the inside, on the outside
they really are quite cute. :)

This is a thrummed hat. I decided to try to line a hat with fleece around
the band that goes over the ears. My gauge was off, so it will be a Children's hat now,
but all in all, still a pretty cool idea.

And this is the outside of the thrummed hat.

This is a glove project I started at Christmas, and really should finish
since they look so nice. I just needed a break from gloves. Making fingers
is enough hard work on a mitten, making 5 on a glove is enough to make me
move on to another project for a while. :)

This is the first pair of gloves I ever made. Not bad!

And this is a simple button tab hat.

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