Monday, February 13, 2012

Just a whole 'lotta waiting going on!

Friday was my last day at work. All my wonderful co-workers took me out to lunch. Some of them gave little gifts for the baby, and I was given almost $200 for the fund that people put together for my send-off. I was so shocked! In any other place I've ever worked for, nobody ever cared if I came or went, I am truly going to miss my job and the wonderful people that I worked with. They are all really excited about the baby too, and I can't wait for her to get here so that I can bring her over to meet them. :)

So, today is my first official day on maternity leave and I had a doctor's appointment this morning. I thought that my Dr. didn't do cervical checks, because he's never done them before and I'm 38 weeks along, but apparently he will do one next week! From what I hear they don't really mean much, but I'll be happy to know if my body is doing ANYTHING AT ALL.

One thing my doc did say was that he won't attempt induction (unless there's a reason to) until 10 days past my due date! And even then, he said he would do an ultrasound at that point to see how the placenta is holding up, and if everything's fine he may even wait a little bit more.

I DO NOT want an induction if it can be avoided, but I must say that the thought of being possibly close to 42 weeks pregnant is extremely daunting. Here's to hoping that Ashley makes her way in to the world at least on my due date... wishful thinking... yes I know! :)

I'm heading upstairs RIGHT NOW with my camera to take some pictures of the nursery. So far, I've only really taken crappy ones with my phone at night, where the colours and stuff in the room just look bad, so now that I'm home, and can actually do so in the daylight, I'm bringing up the Canon! I will post as soon as I'm done! :)

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