Thursday, February 2, 2012

36 weeks, 3 days

Well, this belly's feeling pretty big these days. :) I've found a way to sleep more comfortably at night, and somehow, I'm seemingly keeping the heartburn/reflux under control with Zantac again. I haven't weighed myself lately, but I'm sure I've gained a few, oh well, only a few more weeks to go!

DH and I did our prenatal classes last Saturday. The first part of the day was pretty good, and the last part, we were both ready for a good long nap. A lot of the stuff I'd learned from researching and talking to ladies on the bump, so it was more or less review, but I think the class was really good for DH. We left with him being so attentive, I started to feel like maybe he was feeling bad for what I'm about to go through (labour).. haha 

This week, we're trying to get things ready for baby. The nursery isn't done, but DH has the baseboards up now, and last night he finally got shelves in the closet! :) Tomorrow night, we'll work on the crib. I just bought the matching change table to our crib online today. I got sick of trying to find a used change table in the right colour and gave in. It's crazy how expensive they are! The table was only $60 less than the crib itself! Oh well.. it matches now! 

It feels like we're getting down to the wire now. Only 25 days left until my due date! I'm scared, excited and anxious! Scared of the pain, but excited and anxious to meet my little girl. Almost there!!


  1. Your belly is so cute. I can't believe you only have 25 days to go!!

    1. Thanks :) I can't believe it either. It's only starting to hit me that Monday, I'll be full term and baby can come at ANY time. Craziness!!