Monday, February 13, 2012

The nursery! At last! :)

While there are still a few small things missing from the nursery, this is pretty much what it will look like. We're only missing the change table, which should be here on the 21st, some curtains, which my mom is hemming, and something decorative to go over the crib.

The little cube shelf needs some organizing still, there are some things in it that will go in the change table, but I love baskets to hide things in! :)

The change table will go beside the crib somewhere when it gets here. This wall is really bare, so I think I'm going to find some way to fill it. Either with a picture of some kind, or maybe "Ashley" spelled out somehow over the top of it in photo frames. I really like those photo letter things. The ones that are letters made up of different black and white photography. I think that would be neat there. We'll see. :)

This is the closet that DH put in. :) DH put up the shelves, and we just bought the pink bins from Ikea to put all the clothes in. I can't fold small baby clothes for the life of me, so at least this way, it doesn't look like a disaster!

On the other side of the closet, DH left some room to hang stuff. I'm sure there are bound to be lots of cute little dresses in there at some point.

This is just a little zebra off the mobile that's over the crib. The whole room was supposed to have a jungle theme, but as we keep running out of time, it didn't really turn out that way. Now it's just kind of a jumble of things, but I think the whole room looks awesome anyway. :)

Awww, my kitty from when I was a baby now being passed on to my daughter. Kind of looks like a teddy bear, but it's actually a cat. :) My grandmother gave it to me when I was a kid and I've always loved it.

Ikea decal on the wall. I'm not usually a huge Ikea fan, but they do have some cute kid's stuff. We didn't quite put the decal together properly, but meh... it looks good. :)

My aunt made the little quilt beside the monkey. We got a lot of home-made blankets, which I love! My mother-in-law crocheted the blanket that is over the glider in the other pictures, my aunt made the quilt, and my mother knitted the white blanket that is hidden behind the monkey and the quilt in this pic. I should have taken a picture of it as well, but now I'm too lazy to go back upstairs.

Cute little crib blanket. It was one of the first baby gifts I ever received from my mom. :)

And this was the first baby gift I received from my other mom (mother in law). :)

Baby booties! I crocheted the brown/pink boots, and my best friend crocheted the little pink/brown/white ones. I'm a huge huge fan of home-made gifts. :)

I love all the colours they've come out with for baby items. It used to be all pastel colours, and I guess to some extent, a lot of it still is, but we got some really beautiful blankets, towels and cloths.

And a night light. :)


  1. Everything looks is so cute and organized. I love the booties that you crocheted. I like homemade blankets also.

  2. Yay for nursery photos! It looks great! I really like your crib mobile. So cute :)