Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Monitoring Appointment Tomorrow

Tomorrow will be CD14, which is the first monitoring appointment for this cycle. I've been feeling some discomfort in the area of my left ovary, so I'm thinking I will ovulate on that side. I hope that by some miracle, I have already ovulated, and can pleasantly find myself in the two week wait knowing that I will have had good timing.

I really hope that this third time is a charm, and that we don't have to do this again.. or worse.. move on to something else.

This cycle, the Clomid really hasn't affected me at all. The last two times I had a whole bunch of horrible side effects, but this time, other than being tired from CD3-7, I've really been okay. Even the mood swings have been minimal.

I hope this is it. I just want to be pregnant. I know I say that every cycle, but I just need this to happen.

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