Monday, April 11, 2011

No more blogging during the day... *sigh*

So, my work stopped allowing blogger which kind of sucks, because now I can't post during the day, and I can't read anyone else's blogs during the day. I know it's work, and I understand why they do it, but it's still annoying nonetheless.

Not much has occurred since my last post. Still waiting for a new cycle to start so I can start Clomid.

I'm just trying to kill time right now before I bring my cat (Noodles) in to the vet. I came home and one of his eyes is all swolen, scabby and red. I'm assuming it's just allergies because we've had a lot of extra dust in the house with the renovations, but I figure I'd best be on the safe side and bring him to the vet in case it's something more serious. I see a ginormous vet bill in my future... and if that's not today, then it will be at the end of the month when both cats and the dog are due for their yearly exams. Yuck.

Pet ownership certainly is rewarding, but damn.... it's freakin' expensive. They're lucky they're so damn cute. :)

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