Friday, September 23, 2011

Hormones + lack of sleep = MONSTER

I'm trying very hard not to get fired today. I'm cranky, moody, exhausted, and work is busier than it has been in the last 2+ years I've worked here! People keep asking me things, and I'm trying very hard not to just snap at every one. I think this has been the longest week of possibly my life, and I am just counting down the hours until it ends!

On the bright side, I do have an epicure party to go to tonight that my cousin is throwing, so it should be a nice way to just have fun and RELAX!!

Saturday, my friend invited me to some consignment sale thing for kids/babies.. I'm looking forward to getting a first glimpse in to shopping as a mom. :)

Only 4 and a half more hours left to my work day! PLEASE LET THEM FLY BY!!

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