Thursday, September 15, 2011

Longies. :)

My friend came over last night to keep me company while DH worked super late. We're both knitters, and both expecting babies around the same time. (She is 4 weeks ahead of me). We've been knitting baby soakers. My friend cloth diapers her kid and intends to do so with the next one, and though I think cloth diapers are cute and everything, DH and I have decided it's not the way we want to go.... BUT... the soakers can be useful whether you are cloth diapering or not, and they're really cute, so I've been knitting a bunch of them. I will take pictures and post them on here at some point... I've been lazy.

In case you're wondering what a baby soaker (or longies) is/are (I had no idea what they were until my friend told me about them), they're basically just knit pants. They have to be knit out of 100% pure wool, because the wool serves as an absorbent layer. If baby pees or poops in the middle of the night, then the soaker kind of keeps it from getting on the bed, or anywhere else for that matter (like DH's shirt.. LOL).

They are often called soakers, baby longies or shorties. All the names just describe the styles. Soakers typically don't have legs, they just look like a diaper cover, longies have longer legs like pants, and shorties are basically the same as longies, just with shorter legs.

Okay... seriously, all this explaining now seems silly without pictures, so my next post will be the pics of the ones I've made so far. :)

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