Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My first baby purchase!

I was on my birth month board (on thebump) today, and someone put up a promo code for a baby sling. The sling is free, you just have to pay the shipping. I live in Canada, and the company is in the states, so it cost me $16 to ship it, but that's still much cheaper than what I've seen slings go for here in stores, and I love it, so why not? :)

I bought this one (Autumn Blaze) from

Also, in other news....

Our original appointment for our 20 week scan was scheduled for October 11th, which is one day AFTER Thanksgiving (here in Canada). DH kind of pointed out that it would have been nice to have found out before the weekend when everyone is over for turkey.

I called the clinic, not really expecting them to actually accommodate my request to move my appointment 1 week earlier, but they did!!! So now my appointment is October 4th. I can't wait!!!

I'm thinking of copying some of the ladies on my birth month board by making a little 'gender reveal' cake. Basically, we make a cake with question marks on the outside and non sex-specific icing on the outside, but the inside of it would either be pink or blue. I think it's fun... DH thinks I'm nuts. Meh.. whatever, I'm going to have fun!


  1. love the pretty new blog:) Can't wait to hear if it's a girl or boy!!!

  2. I love the blog update! And I think the cake idea is cute - I would have loved to do it, but neither of us could keep the secret for long enough :)

  3. Thanks ladies. :) It's going to be a real challenge to keep it a secret from the family for an entire week, but I promised DH that I wouldn't. I'm telling my best friend, so that should tide me over for a couple of days. haha