Thursday, May 12, 2011

2 ww

If there is anything in life that can teach you patience, it is infertility. I would never wish it on anyone, but since I'm dealing with it, I have to believe that there is some reason why this is happening to me. I've always been an extremely impatient person, and sometimes I feel like this is my karmic retribution.

As much patience as I have learned though, there is nothing that ever prepares me for the two week wait. As much as you try not to think about every single twinge in your body hoping for it to be some advanced tell-tale early sign that you are pregnant, the thoughts still seep in.

I tend to be a lot more relaxed in cycles where I am taking fertility medications. I think that's just because for the most part they've been effective and they've kept me from having 50+ day cycles. I'm really only relaxed until I find out if I've ovulated though, and once I have that little tidbit of information then my mind is focused on waiting for the day that I can test and find out the result of the cycle.

Today, I am around the 8-9 dpo mark. It's hard to say since my doctor wasn't able to confirm when O happened, just that it did, and that it looked like it had happened a couple of days before my last ultrasound. I'm only a few days away from testing, and I'm going through a lot of emotions.

For the most part, I feel hopeful for this cycle, but at the same time, I also feel worried, and it's the worry that stands out the most.

Of all the waiting that we do in life, it seems so strange to think that the waiting that can really hurt the most is the waiting that happens for two pink lines on a stick that you pee on.


  1. I have always been an impatient person too, so I can relate to that feeling of karmic retribution ;) I hope this is your last 2ww.