Wednesday, May 25, 2011

When the Sun is Shining...

I can't wait to get off work! I didn't run yesterday because my legs were still sore from Sunday and Monday's run. I've got to get this shell back in to shape!

Since it's beautiful, warm and sunny out today, I have no excuse not to get out and pound the pavement when I get home from work.

My mentality right now is that it's only 45 minutes of running.

Though that might seem like a lot, I have to remember that the beginning of the run is hard, but it gets easier, and the accomplishment I feel when I'm done is such a positive thing in so many ways.

Now... if I can just get this work day over with.


  1. congrats on getting on an exercise regimen! sounds like you're doing well so far. i read your previous entry too, i also love how it feels after a workout even though i'm sore! i have a really bad habit though of starting a workout cycle, getting really into it for a few weeks, and then dropping off. maybe we'll be able to encourage each other through here :)

    thanks for replying to my post on the bump! glad i found your blog :)

  2. That would be awesome. I also tend to start working out, then drop it. I really need to stick to something though. I'm currently working on what I'm calling "5K a day". Basically 5kms of running a day is what I'm working up to. I figure it's about 45 minutes a day, it's free since I just walk out my front door to do it :) Should be easy to stick to right? lol I think I may have just jinxed myself! I hope not!