Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Do second lines really exist?

Okay, so I was going to rant, but you know what? That is so me, and I'm so tired of whining about each failed cycle, so I'm not going to. I'm just going to say that I believe that this cycle is a fail, and I'm moving on.

So on that note, next cycle (Clomid cycle #4) is going to be a no-fail cycle. I don't mean that it will result in a BFP, because obviously I can't predict that, but by no-fail I mean that I won't miss my O date, and I won't be getting a UTI.

How will I do this you might ask?

Well, the first is that I will be charting/temping. I am determined not to miss O. My RE missed O with monitoring, which I had been relying on, and I won't make that mistake again since PCOS makes O very unpredictable (could happen early, could happen late, or not at all!) I think charting will be the best way for DH and I to make sure we're having sex at the right time.

Also, charting might make things a little less stressful for DH and I. When I have long cycles, as much as I love having sex with DH, after a couple weeks of constant EOD sex, we do get tired, whether we want to admit it or not! At least this way, we know when we can ease up on things!

And how will I ward of the UTIs you ask staring blankly?

With drugs. After last cycle, I demanded that something more concrete be done about these UTIs. I explained to my doctor that I'm on Clomid, and the cycles are getting wasted if I can't have sex when I need to because of a UTI (which is what happened this cycle). The more I have sex, the more UTIs I get, and having to run to the doctor every month to get prescriptions for UTIs is a pain in the ass, especially when I have to get out of work to do it. (RE appointments take up enough time already!). Anyway, my doctor finally gave me preventative antibiotics that I take after sex to prevent another infection. I have faith that this will work.

So there you have it... Back to charting, UTIs under control, 4th round of Clomid. And now I just wait for AF to get here so that I can get this show on the road!

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