Thursday, November 10, 2011

24 weeks, 3 days!

Just a Thursday thought.....


Some people say that a pregnancy just flies by.... I don't know about that. Maybe it's different for someone who had trouble trying to get pregnant, and a scary start to their pregnancy. You don't want to miss out on the fun parts of being pregnant, but you also just want to get to the end of it all so that you can have that little baby safe in your arms, and start being the mom that you've waited so long to become!


Though I've been enjoying certain parts of being pregnant, I can't wait until February gets here. Truth be told, I have been so cautious with this pregnancy that I haven't done nearly as much exercise as I should have for fear of knocking my baby loose or something. I realize how stupid that sounds... but you do worry, whether you want to or not.

I'm really looking forward to having little Ashley, and recovering just in time for spring. I am CRAVING getting back in to jogging again, and I'm going to get a baby jogger so that Ash and I can spend time outdoors getting fit again. :) I know it's going to be hard at first, so I'm thinking of joining a running group to get me started again. I want to be a fit mom. 

Before I was pregnant, I was at the heaviest that I've ever been in my life, which was about 40lbs over my ideal weight. I was always really athletic and slender in my twenties, and in the last few years before becoming pregnant, I'd just ballooned... kind of like my metabolism just gave up! I want to get back to my ideal weight, and be the healthiest mom I can be. :)

I do have to give myself a little lovin' though, because I think that I'm doing fairly well with weight gain over this pregnancy so far. At 24 weeks, I have gained 10lbs overall, and I'm pretty happy with that. I'm expecting that if I continue the way I have, then I'll likely gain another 10-15lbs by the time Ashley makes her arrival, and I'm very comfortable with that. I could gain more, and honestly... whatever happens happens, but I'm hoping that I can keep it minimal so that it's easier to get back in to jogging and exercising once the baby gets here. :)

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  1. So I'm not as far along as you are but I know how you feel about not exercising a bunch so I don't knock the baby loose or whatever. I know this is kinda TMI but I try not to strain a lot while going #2 for the same reason.
    PS You are a cute pregnant lady, I hope I look as good.