Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thirty One

Today, I turn 31. Am I where I wanted to be at 31? Not exactly... but I do have a lot to be grateful for. This year is going to be great. I'm going to be a mom for the first time, and I get to experience that with the best husband, dog and two cats on the planet. :)

Everyone keeps asking me what I want for my birthday this year, and after thinking about it, I want a guitar. I used to have one, and I had taught myself to play a bit, but I never really got anywhere with it. The reason I want to learn how to play guitar is that I LOVE to sing. I would love to be able to sing, and be able to play along with that. I don't have the best voice in the world, but I do have a pretty good voice, and I think I'm creative enough that I could write my own songs. I don't want to be a rock star or anything, but I find singing comforting.

Well, the good news is, DH found me a guitar today for $30 that someone was selling at his work. It's just a simple acoustic guitar, but that's all I really need to learn on. I also want to take guitar lessons. There's a lot that I can learn on my own with books and internet, but would really like someone to teach me hands on, as I generally learn a lot faster that way.

So this year, I will have a baby and begin raising a family... and I will learn the guitar, and sing my freakin' heart out.

And if I ever get good enough... I would totally post songs on my blog. :)

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  1. Happy Birthday!!! That is super cool. I hope you post your songs here soon :)