Wednesday, March 16, 2011

New Furnishings For The Basement

We're still working away at getting things done around the house. We finally got the basement to a point where we can start moving stuff downstairs. DH set up the TV with a wall-mount, and it looks awesome.

We were going to use a futon that we already had down there, but after moving it down, and attempting to watch TV with it, we realized how uncomfortable it is. Last night, we ended up buying a sectional instead. We have to wait two weeks for it to get here, but I think it will work out great! This is the sectional:

We also decided to buy this ottoman/coffee table:

I fell in love with it! I love that it has dual functionality. The serving trays flip over if you just want it to be an ottoman, and they are removable. So if you have company, and a bunch of dishes, you can just bring the trays upstairs.

I can't wait until they get here!

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  1. Very nice! We have that ottoman/coffee table and love it :)