Friday, March 25, 2011


This week can not end soon enough. We've been dealing with the insurance over the accident we had with our car (lady drove through a stop sign and hit us). Our car is a write-off with an estimated $14,000 in damages, so next week's not looking much better, since we're going to have to find another car.

The rental car we have is a gas pig, and I hate it. It drives like crap, it's big and clunky... I seriously miss my Hyundai Elantra. Our car wasn't even a year old yet. :(

Everything that can go wrong this morning is going wrong, and I wish I could say that the weekend was going to be a rest period, but I have parties to attend on both Saturday and Sunday... none of which I really want to go to, but have to.

On the TTC font:

I'm not currently charting, but I have an idea of when I ovulate based on one never-fail symptom: My face ALWAYS breaks out one week before AF shows her ugly face. I know that's not a for-sure sign, but it has never been wrong yet. It's like the consistence of my skin changes, it's really weird.

DH and I are both hoping that this month will work out, and that we'll finally get pregnant, but I have little hope of that happening.

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