Monday, March 7, 2011

So Many Projects!

Our entire house is under renovation! We were able to get some extra cash to put towards our house, and we are taking full advantage of it.

We're doing all of the renovations on our own, which started with the basement when we moved in almost 3 years ago now. DH has been taking a long time because this is all new territory for him (and I). Luckily, DH's dad is a contractor, and has been able to help us out tremendously.

Our basement is almost done now. We painted it on Friday. I bought the paint last year, and it was supposed to be a light Khaki sort of colour, but it was way different than what I thought! It's more like a darker military green. Luckily it still looks awesome, so we're going to keep it. I don't have pictures of the house yet, but I will take some and post later. For now, this is close to the colour we have in the basement:

Other than the basement, we are painting the living room and upstairs hallway as well to match the new floors that we will also be laying down hopefully by the end of march. This is the color that I will painting that with (with white trim):

The laminate floor itself is a dark brown, almost black colour. It's called Volcanic Cherry.

I can't wait to get everything done, so much work to do, but our little home is going to look fantastic when we're done!

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