Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Out of the T-TTC closet

In the last couple of weeks, I have let both my mother and mother-in-law know about our TTC troubles. I figure after 2+ years of dealing with this infertility garbage, it was time to let them in on the big dirty secret. Both were very supportive, and it's nice to not have to hide behind fake smiles when MIL makes all her comments about where her grandchildren are anymore.

Though TTC still hangs in fairly heavily on our minds, we've been so busy working on the house lately that we've been more than able to occupy ourselves. DH finished the basement over the weekend. Everything is done except for the ceiling, which we won't do for a while. We were going to use the futon we had to sit on down there, but it's so uncomfortable to sit on to watch TV that we just decided to look for a sectional sofa. I found a really good deal on one, so we're going to go check it out tonight. We just have to move our office down there now, and the basement should be good for now.

Once that's done, it's onto painting the upstairs of the house. We did the dining room in the new paint, and it looks great, now we just need to do the same colour in the living room, stairway and upstairs hallway.

After we finish the painting, it will be time to rip up the rest of our carpets and lay down the new flooring, and at the same time, we'll be getting roofers in to give us a new roof.

After that, when spring rolls in, we clean up the yard, and finish the back deck, and do some landscaping...

And then we're done!!!!! We just live. I can't wait to get to this point!!!!

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