Friday, July 22, 2011


I am 8 weeks and 4 days pregnant.

Before I became pregnant, I had held off on buying any new clothes (particularly pants), because I was working on losing weight to fit back in to my pants instead of buying new ones (and just starting to succeed at it too!). Well... now that plan has kind of backfired on me, because between bloat, and my uterus being swollen to the size of a grapefruit, I can hardly pull any of my pants on, and when I do have them on, they're so tight that I just feel like a horse.

I feel silly buying maternity clothing because at 8 weeks 4 days, I just feel weird about it.... but I've already gained 5lbs, and there's not much point to buying regular pants since I will likely need maternity clothes in a few weeks.

So, yesterday, I decided... to hell with it. I bought two cheapo pairs of mat pants online, and one pair in a store yesterday. I didn't feel good shopping though, since I had to admit to myself that I'm not a large... but an XL. :( I'm tall... so even at my ideal weight, I'm a large... and I'm fine with that, but moving up to XL really made me feel like I wished that I'd worked harder at losing the weight before baby.

That being said, I know that weight gain is a part of pregnancy, and I'm not complaining about that, just a little disappointed that I had all this time before I got pregnant to lose the weight, and I didn't push myself hard enough.

Anyway.. As silly as I feel that I'm sitting here in mat pants which is pretty much serving the purpose of making things more comfortable while I sit here with all my fat... I am actually comfortable, and appreciate not having the constriction of 'too tight' pants around my belly.

One thing that shopping for pants has done for me though, is made me realize that I need to eat healthier meals. I need to eat more because of baby... but it should be more healthy stuff.... not more hamburger... Ugh.

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