Friday, June 17, 2011


Both my parents, and DH's parents are aware of what we've been going through, dealing with PCOS and fertility treatments. After we gathered the courage to let them in on it all, it made dealing with IF a lot easier and a lot less lonely.

We were going to wait until father's day to tell them that it looks like they're going to be grandparents, but last night, we were both so excited, we just couldn't hold it in.

We were at a funeral yesterday for DH's grandfather. He passed away peacefully at 93 from old age. The ceremony was beautiful, and DH's mom was being strong, but we could tell that she was so sad. After we got home, I took the digital, and I think the pregnancy hit DH like a ton of bricks because he was so excited, he asked if he could tell his mom, because he knew that she would be so happy. (They've wanted us to have kids since we met 13 years ago... lol). We decided to tell both sets of parents, but no one else.

We both know that it is extremely early in this pregnancy to tell anyone beyond them, so we made sure to tell them to keep it just between us until we feel it's time to let others in on it. (We'll probably stick with the standard 3 months).

Both sets of parents were so overcome with joy, they didn't even know what to say. My mother was so excited she cried, and told me she knew it was going to happen soon. My father had no idea what to say. He was so shocked. haha I told him I was calling to wish him a happy Grandfather's day early.. He didn't catch on at first, but when he did, his response was "WHAT????" LOL

When DH told his parents, his mother was so excited, I heard her scream through the phone (which is rare, she's a really quiet person). DH's dad couldn't speak through his tears of joy. :)

Yesterday was a sad but great day. Where one life ended, another began.

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