Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Useless appointments

I had a CD27 monitoring appointment yesterday. There was really no point in it, since I O'd on CD19, which they already saw since they monitored so late (on CD19) to begin with.

Yesterday's appointment was useless, because I got the u/s tech that I had before that doesn't talk to you, or tell you anything. I watched her measure a 16mm follicle, but I have no idea what that means when I've already ovulated.

They were also testing out a new u/s machine, so on top of the terrible tech, I had another woman in there teaching her to use the machine. My appointment that should have been 15 minutes was 1/2 an hour, and I waited a 1/2 hour before getting in to my appointment in the first place.

My RE's office just plain sucks. My RE isn't that great either. It's frustrating that there isn't much I can do about that right now. Grrr...

On the upswing though, my chart is looking pretty good. I've never had a chart that looked so promising. Usually, my temps are never more than .1-.2 degrees higher above the cover line, so I'm definitely liking this one. Check it out below:

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  1. I am loving your chart. Sorry about having a crappy dr. My dr sucks too bit he finally got me KU so maybe it is a good sign?? Fingers crossed for you!