Monday, June 13, 2011

Slow day at work, let's talk exercise + xbox.

So, on Friday, my husband calls me and tells me that he has a check coming in for some work he did, and he wants to spend the money on an Xbox. Being the wonderful wife that I am (sometimes), I had no problems with that.

We bought the version with the Kinect, because I was a fan of the Wii and all the motion games where you have to actually get up and do things in the games. My husband is more in to games like Mortal Kombat, or sit on the couch and play games. The Xbox offers a pretty good mix of games for both of us.

We purchased one game called "Your Shape Fitness Evolved" (link to game info). We tried it out yesterday, and I am beyond overjoyed that I actually think that this game might be exactly what I need to be able to exercise in my house.

It's like having a personal trainer right in your living room, except without the expense! I want to get some free weights to hold while I'm doing the exercises so that I can get more out of them, but the games/training that they make you do is actually work!

The game also counts calories. The calories seem to only be accurate when you're not holding weights, but it's a start. Too bad you can't enter in your weights though.

I'm going to start using this game routinely, and I want to encourage DH to do the same. It offers a program for women, and men, so we can each do it. Pretty cool stuff.

We don't have exercise equipment at home, or the space to put any in there, so between running outside, and the various exercises, yoga etc.. that come with this game, I really hope to be able to get in shape over the summer!

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