Tuesday, June 28, 2011

If only pregnancy were black and white....

I say that, because I am stuck in shades of grey.

My family doctor has a group hotline that you can call in off hours to be assessed by a triage nurse, and if the triage nurse thinks there is an issue, they patch you through to a doctor.

Well, I called the hotline yesterday because after several days of spotting, and then increasing dizziness, I was starting to get a little antsy. I've never been pregnant before, but something was telling me that these symptoms just don't seem like normal pregnancy symptoms.

The doctor called me back, and she said that it's possible that the two symptoms are unrelated. She said that I could just be having 1rst trimester bleeding which could be normal, and that the dizziness could be labyrinthitis or viral. To be on the safe side, she suggested that I go back to my fertility doc and get them to run a second beta to make sure that the numbers are rising correctly.

I don't know why my RE didn't do this in the first place, I'm sure it would have alleviated a lot of stress that I've had over the past couple of days. I placed a call to his office (that has really stupid hours), and I'm hoping they call me back this morning to go in and get at least another beta so that I can relax a little.

I seriously wish that pregnancy was black and white. Either you aren't pregnant, or you are, and nothing goes wrong or weird for your entire pregnancy. Of course... that is not the case.... *sigh*

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