Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I'm about 5 weeks pregnant today, so it's really early.. but I had an ultrasound this morning to check that the baby was where it was supposed to be.

We didn't see a baby, but we did see a gestational sac IN THE UTERUS!! Woohoo!!! So for now, they said everything seems to be okay, and my bloodwork came back good yesterday, and that the spotting was probably just regular 1rst tri spotting. :)

I have another ultrasound on July 6th at 6 weeks where we should get to see a little more. They said if that's good, then I'll probably get released from the RE. :) :)

I hate my RE, so this is seriously awesome news!!!!!


  1. YAY!!! I am so happy to hear that. I hope everything looks great on July 6th!